Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hard Limits & Forgiven Love

Monday I was working in London, of course it was my fav day of the year - Valentines - which I coul easily ban if I was PM, King, or President. Not only does the day fuck me off, it also wants me to wrap my hands around someones neck. Oh, always the romantic, but dont get me wrong - I fucking hate it, so much. I have only recieved 3 cards in my life - which is pretty sad - all from the same girl - my ex.
Needless to say, I wanted to stay in bed on monday morning, pref with a bottle of whisky and drink myself back to sleep - you know, you get the idea - loved up fuckers. So, it was always a pleasure getting up at 7am to get picked up at 8 to drive down to london village. Needless, the last person you really - ever - want to get a text message from, is someone who you used to give so much a damn about, you would give your "right" arm to be with. Text messages such as "Happy Valentines Steve, hope you find someone who deserves to be with u" is not the best way to go for a shite day such as this. So, on and on and on and on my crap progressed, including 2 pints of guiness in london town and alot of frustration with a B50 pSeries Server - bastard.
So, we return to Leam, getting a call from a friend - Paul - saying he needed to get out of his house coz his friend was lovey doveying it up with the gf. So, being a friend, and also not having too much to stay in for - apart from sleep, nice food and eastenders - I said I would meet him, only to have no food and picking up my brand new Nokia 6630 from my lovely neighbours John and Debbie. So on arriving, we talked, we drank, we watched lovely semi single ladies and fell for the juice of the gods, only to recieve a 2nd text from the "used to be nice Jess, but not just not getting the message that I dont give a fuck about her" fling I had over the summer, this time spelling, "Happy Valentines Steve X" in fridge magnets. Some may think this is sweet and cute - but you have to remember a) I'm single, b) it would be great if you were seeing the lass c) she wasnt screwing with your head and d) ""and sing & dance and find romance and we'll find romance & we'll stroll to the edge of the world" - it gets a little - blah. Advice to big Jess - leave me alone - just not interested, ever! really!
Anyhoo, after a number of beers, abuse from Captain Rich and sticking my fingers down my new Nokie 6630 and nearly turning into the electronic dude from Superman II by sucking the wrong end of the phone, I was ready for bed.
Tuesday was a different matter, well - almost, and only due to the fact I had to be in the office for project workshop meeting. Thus, excitement was left my body, around 08:05 when my alarm went off, knowing I had to catch the bus from Leam to Warwick - and not being in town for around 9:30. I knew, not being in the office for a while, would cause some problems - for not only myself becoming a semi hermit, but also people accepting I wasnt around - so needless to say, my desk was taken up by someone. Rather than being a twat, I decided to leave the guy be, and let him get on with his work. I then took up a "hot desk" which basically means anyone can sit there, although I was then pushed out of it because the team that had given them up, now wanted them all back ... yes, because thats how it works. So you see, my already low motivation, moral and care for the company was the divided by 2 and take away the number I had originally thought of (348902334890945 - if you really want to know). So after a ruck, I decided swearing and cursing could only harm my "complaint" so walked up to Cptain Heaworth's desk - only to recieve a barrage abuse from his co-workers and surrounding colleagues. After working for 30 mins, I had my meeting and walked back to my "desk" only to approach one of my chief suspects for my complaint - which, part of Steves interegation procs - has now been ruled out.
After a meeting and faffing around, Captain Rich and I had a slow couple of beers (hard limit of 2) turning into 5 pints of Stella down TJs - which then lead to the magical mystical world of fairies. Knowing I'm off to Portsmouth tomorrow at 6, I had better get to bed
I know the above doesnt make much sense, but appriciate the support from friends on such a sensitive subject, and helping me play the game - against some two faced back stabbing fucker (Warning, not the view of my company - but my own personal time) who cant even speak to me - but has to speak to my mananger and complain about my personality. Again, needless to say in the world of football, that "no one is bigger than the club" - but I know your fate - and indeed, the future is Orange.

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