Saturday, February 05, 2005

Normal Service Resumed

After rather an innocent night lastnight with lovely next door neighbours, John and Debbie, down the curry house. Today turned into some what of a shambles really. I had to pop into town to grab a few things and also my dry cleaning - ready for work on Monday Morning (boo!). The first time I popped into town, my dry cleaning wasnt ready, and with having to be back for 1.30pm to help John & Debbie move their sofa via the canal - I had to faff around a tad.
After getting back and snacking, I kinda semi missed the smooth running of the process - basically the sofa went in vr quickly with no hickups - and bumped into Captain Rich - who announced he was popping into town to sort a few things out. As I had to go back into town to pick up the dry cleaning, I decided to give him a bell to see if he fancied a cuppa, or even a pint. Next thing I know, I'm in the Old Butchers supping on Hoegaarden galore - well technically alot - next thing I know, its god knows what time and I'm boozed up on an empty stomach. Next call, Satchwells for a quickie, then Jug and Jester where we bump into the sofa-movers John, Debbie, Gav, Mike (his lass) , Super Gary (his lass) and PFH. After having a drunken ramble and further arguments with Mike to see who is more Northern than the other (Technically its me, as I was a) born in Newcastle b) live in Winlaton and c) on the top of a massive hill )
Last point of call ( I think ) was TJs, where I got my Dry Cleaning searched incase I had a bomb, gun, granade, as its obviously a terrorist target. After calming the dude up (where in reality I just grinned and pivotted on the spot for a couple of minutes) the captain purchased a nice brew.
Anyhoo, I can only assume I went to Vialli's as there was a chip box on the kitchen floor the next morning. MMM

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