Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bob a Job Week

Well, in a week that could have been the simplest - it certainly turned into a complete shambles - which is something of an understatement. Monday was my first day back from my week off - so I expected everything to be grand, check my mail, answer some, get some tea, have lunch, catch up with friends and colleagues and then back home. No, sadly, it wasnt that easy - sadly, some very very bad news hit the IBM communication line, that one of the bubbliest and brightest young lasses from Service Management had died over the weekend. Rather a sober affair you may think to say the least, so it was a case of being very sensitive - as she had many a friend - esp around where I sit.
Wednesday, for myself personally, didnt get any better - I had to wake up at 5am, to be picked up by BC at 6 - to drive to down to Portsmouth for 8am. So there we were, grabbing a quick cuppa before the hard days work - well, until my boss pulls me into an office saying "I've had a complaint about you over the night about you - you have two weeks to fix it, or it will be made official". Now, as you know, I dont air my dirty laundry in public (well sometimes I dont) but seriously, what serious damage can I do in one day to upset someone ?!? I've basically narrowed the complainee down to about 3 people - and I'm still as angry as I was at 08:30 tuesday morning, and if its someone in the team, then I feel let down by them. So this on my mind, and a number of people suggesting I move on for the good of my career - it was only the below photo which made my sides chuckle a little.

A sign - on the canl, pictured middle

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