Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Where did you get that .. er ... coat!

I dont mind the rain, I dont mind the cold and I certainly dont mind the rain. So much so, that I prefer walking around town in the autumn weather, and most of this stems from my old job in ASDA when I worked in the frozen food department. Walking around town, when its wet and cold is class, mainly because everyone else cant be arsed, or standing in doorways trying to keep out the way - thus, pavements and streets are clear.

Anyhooo, after last Tuesdays Birmingham Cup exploits where I got cold wet and sodden through, I decided to make a decision - to buy a big winter coat, for the first time in 12 years. I wanted to before the Saturday League game at the New Windmill, so popped into town and bought a funky thick coat from GAP.

Its a nice funky 3 way coat - not to say, when you walk, it goes three ways - but you can take the inner layer out and wear either the layer. It also comes with a nice funky furry hood too. Needless to say, after paying alot of money for it, I was disappointed not to get soaked on Saturday and get my money out of it - DAMN YOU MOTHER NATURE!!!

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