Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cannonball run :: Colchester -> Leam

Gav kindly gave us a lift to the hotel where I left the car, we said our goodbyes (only to arrange to meet him in Leam next saturday for MCs 30th birthday) and after abusing the hotel's good nature & facilities once again, we were on our way up north. This time, we managed to avoid the M25 and M1 - and went the quicker route - listening to Radio 5 Live and 606 with Alan Green. At one point he started mocking the Leamington game, trying to get people to phone up and explain what went on - then someone did - and they tried explaining to Mr Green that it was indeed a fantastic game, and it didnt matter about the result in the end.

Anyhooo, we made it back into Leam around 8.15pm - so managed to get a Pizza from Mamma's across the road and got showered and changed - ready to meet up with Rich. We ended up going down the Well for a couple of beers to catch up and have a sociable one - where Rich didnt feel too well. Anyhooo, after a bottle and a half of wine later - we retired back to our abodes. Rich must have gone to bed, I continued drinking some beverage (trying to catch up with my lack of) and tried Civilization IV out. I tried version 3 a while back as a demo, and Rich had recommended this as a strategy game - so bought the game before we went to Colchester.

Sticking it on easy level - I managed to get pretty far, although one of the reasons I did get it - was to try the multi-player version and get an alliance together.

Anyhow, a fantastic weekend, lets just hope Chase Town dont get a mauling tomorrow afternoon

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