Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday - Cold! Official

Is it just me, or is there a little bit of a nip in the air ? Just all a little scary really isnt it ? Last week, it was t-shirt weather (well for me anyhow) and now, its like the big freeze. Its well confused my tree and my plants - and looks like its going to kill them badly. My tree, up until Friday still had blossom, now, its covered in ice.

Icy plant, with swan in background - aww

Anyhooo, after last nights happy friday, I woke up at 11:15 - and John had suggested that we were going to leave for Biddulp at 11:30. So, with a hangover, managed to get ready in 10 mins flat - only to have an MSN from Debbie, and a text from John saying the game had been called off due to a frozen pitch. Typical - so decided to head into town after some breakfast, only to find that the whole town was covered in icy mist, got a few random things - including a hat from fatface and a baked potato cooking device - as well as Eutythmics Ultimate Collection & Beastie Boys Solid Gold Hits.

Got back, defrosted and "watched" sky sports centre and the Chelsea v Newcastle result come in - loosing 3-0 - damn cheeky cockney barrow boys!

Anyhoo, I sent Blunty a text to find out if he wanted some beverages and maybe some food - so we arranged to meet in the Jug, where we had a quick one - then shivered towards Millenium where we had a nice meal - although it was a little subzero in the restaurant. Once the meal finished, we hiked up to the Lounge where we indulged in rum based cocktails and thawed out. Strangely enough, when we left the Lounge - it was a lil bit warmed - and the rum based drink must have got into our blood system.

We had a couple in the Well, well, we had a large amount to drink in the Well, and chatted with the locals and barstaff - and it was a little bit too quiet for my liking - maybe it was the weather. I chatted to Neil who was arranging the Rock / Metal night downstairs - and managed to name three tracks in a row taht was being played. He give me a stamp for free entry into the Rock night if we fancied it - borrowed his stamp, stamped my other hand and give Blunty an imprint - incase he wanted to come down.

We moved from Morgan Spiced Rum to Sailor Jerry's rum - on the first taste - Blunty screamed "Its like Christmas, in a drink!!" I asked what he meant, and he listed off about 5 things which are important to Christmas - I tasted it, and yes, its like a Christmas Rush. After 6 more of the Double Christmas drinks - we both turned to each other with blurry eyes and announced that we needed to go our seperate ways and retire to bed. We did that and disappeared into the Winter mist.

I got back home and the two swans were on the canal, so decided to feed them - It was nice, peaceful and calm - cold as the coldest day you can imagine. After giving them a loaf of bread between the two and had a conversation with them, I returned to my flat and entered my rum based coma.

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