Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Things I hate ...#1

There are a number of things that piss me off right at this moment, there are alot of people that piss me off right now - all for different reasons - and all at different levels of anger - however, this is the thing that is pissing me off the most.

I bought my faithful kettle when I first moved into my new flat - my first kettle in fact - and I was a little annoyed that it just wouldnt switch off once it reached the boil. So, like all humans, I adapter to the little twat, and made sure I was around for the bubbles coming up - and then proactively switched it off before it over boilded, caused a fire etc etc.

Some people would say, "Young Steve, you should have taken it back to the shop and got it exchanged!" and yes, maybe I should have, but I like my little kettle - mainly because of its quirks. I accepted the fact it was broken, and in exchange, got a lovely piping hot cup of tea - thats life.

However, for some freak force of nature - the damn thing has decided to switch itself off now. You think, lucky Steve, a kettle that was broken, thats now healed itself - NO!!!! What the damn thing does now, is switch itself off half way through boiling - hence Mr Warburton gets semi cold cups of tea in the mornings!

As with the kettle, tempted to exchange it - however, its my first kettle - and I like its little quirks - but hate the fact I get semi warm water out of it!

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