Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sign of geting old

You know how it is ... when you were at school, and someone said to you, "the best days of your life are at school" and you chuckled and laughed in their face - and thought, as soon as you get a job, then gooooodbye school. I done that many years ago, now, I feel old and I'm on the other side of the border having gone beyond passport control.

A combination of things have wound me up this week, I dont know if its a case of playing Civ4 til 2 in the morning a couple of nights, or just things have come to a head .. but I really do think, school is a better option. Maybe I should become a teacher or something, but the point is, I'm baby sitting people at work who should know better. I wont mention who I work from, although people from work read this - however, the simple crap you have to deal with, just stresses me out. Dealing with contractors (aka - get paid by the hour and get alot of money, while permies grin and shrug shoulders) who are battling with themselves. Its not an agest thing to say, but im probably the youngest in the team, ish, and the team leader, yet, you have people twice my age minus a couple of years, being so - well, unprofessional.

Needless to say, when Debbie asked if I wanted to go to the gym for a swim and sauna, I jumped at the chance to get out of working - and it happened. Walking up in the rain, I listened to El Presidente - that I bought of Itumes - that I've slowly got into. I done my 15 min run and joined Debbie in the pool. We had a couple of lengths swim and chilled in the sauna and jacuzzi etc - discussed plans for tonight and things - while attractive women came and went.

Anyhooo, Debbie, MC and I arranged to get to TJs for a cocktail at happyhour, while it appears John and "crew" were on an all day session. We had blue lagoons and chinwagged, and then met the rest in Millenium Curry House for a meal, went onto Jug and Jester for a couple of bottles of wine, where we had fun, laughed and talked about the colchester v leamington fc game.

Needless to say, we went our different directions and I came home, drinking MSR...

Special thanks to someone who was there when I needed a reply - thanks!

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