Sunday, November 13, 2005

Happy Birthday MC!

I knew it was going to be Chaos from the start, and being with Captain Bluntarian - the leader of Chaos - I knew it was going to get messy. Thats a story for later on, however, myself John, Debbie and virgin brakes attendee, Tom, went to to the New Windmill Ground to watch Leam FC play Quorn. The ground was a little more packed than the last league game we played (around 1924 was the year, I believe) and it was kind of expected after the FA Cup run we had up until last week. The final score was 1-1 and we headed off back to town to catch the England "friendly" against the Argies - only to be disturbed by the Brake's Chairman (Sir Mick) who asked if I could drive out of the exitting queue - and point my headlights into their "electrical garage" where a fuse had gone ... certainly not a Premiership moment - but its always good to help the club out in small ways where possible.

We got back to town and went our seperate ways, knowing it was MC's birthday and arranging to meet blunty - I knew I needed food - so headed to Mamma's for some "easy food" - decided to watch the 2nd half of the England game at home and chill before I went out. After shower, dressed up etc, I met Blunty in the Lounge for a beverage before heading to the Sausage. We noticed some cocktail menu's on the table to which we ordered one - and the one I had was like rocket fuel - so we got another - in between that, Nomes and Andy turned up to meet us.

By the time we got to the Sausage, I already had 3 strong drinks inside me and entered the pub with the widest grin in the world. We continued drinking with the Cuban Rum theme and got a little merrier towards the end (and Tequela), where time flew and we got kicked out. In between, picking up the black straws for the drinks - and we all know what that means - fake microphone headsets, and doormen Blunty and Stefan.

We dithered around outside the sausage for a while, before we hit Robbins Well, where for some reason, I thought if I said to the bar staff, "Did I tell you, You have beautiful eyes?" I would get free drinks. This was the basis for the convo for most of the night, where it turned into, "Did I tell you, your eyes remind me of Hailey's Comet?" and "Did I tell you, your eyes remind me of shooting stars". Somehow, this actually did work - where I came out with vouchers for free "Sailor Jerry's rum". We once again, used our magic key to the Robbins well, and promptly took to the end of the bar, while people were getting chucked out at drinking up time - only to have a chat with the barstaff about the best place to "pull" females.

We came to the conclusion, there are about 3 sets of people in the world - guys who can pull in pubs, supermarkets - or those who just dont try - but sometimes get lucky. The barmaids came to the conclusion that the flower or fresh veg department of the supermarket is the best place to pull - needless to say, I've polished my nectar card and heading up there this week to do some flower and carrot shopping. John, Debbie and Gav left at this point, allowing blunty and I to continue chatting and talking bollocks, allowing me to sing further Jaheebus songs (Michael row the boat to shore, and, He's got the whole world in his hands". Blunty went off to plat table football with someone who looked scary and someone else who looked like Jaheebus, so left him to it, while I contined to woo the barstaff with my "you have pretty eyes, can I have free drinks" chat up line.

Returned home, alone, yet again (awww) around noneo'clock to which, I entered my rum based coma - only to pass loads of people on the streets of Leamington dressed up in school uniforms - so so confusing!

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