Friday, November 04, 2005

The Magic of the Cup Roadshow II

Most of this week has been taken up with planning the trip to colchester - and I do have to admit, the excitement has taken over my life. I've been a life long Newcastle fan, yet, for some strange reason, I've never been so excited about a game. The Newcastle v Sunderland game could reach that level - however, its all based on Newcastel winning, Sunderland winning / or getting a draw.

I've always liked the FA cup, the oldest cup competition ever in football, and its good in my opinion to be involved so early in the stages, rather than waiting til the 3rd round when Newcastle get in. I do love my Newcastle related football - when I was working in America in Jan, Rich kindly hooked up his webcam and mic up to his TV and I watched Newcastle v Yeading over MSN - it wasnt good - but it was better than watching baseball - funnily enough.

Anyhooo, back to the story, John and Debbie went to Holbeach last saturday near Lincoln while I was on my flu death bed, and I think they came to the conclusion that my original idea of going down Friday night was a good idea. So come Monday, I booked two rooms at the Riverside Hotel, and we set off approx 4.40pm.

Mainly thanks do some planning arrangements, we arrived in Colchester roughly 4 hours lately, with me a little tired at the wheel. At the hotel, they had two rooms available, one double bedded room, one twin single room - obviously John and Debbie being together, it was suggested they took the double room, and I took the twin room. Once we got checked in, we ended up on one of the main streets heading towards a curry house - having a very tasty meal, beer and wander towards a "themed" pub the other side of the river to the hotel.

Time was pressing on, and I think ALL three of us NEEDED alcohol - so we took to the bar in the "themed" pub of schools. AKA - an excuse for the female barstaff to dress up in school uniforms. We asked when they were gonna call last orders, which turned out to be 11pm - however at around 10:30 stools were being piled and tables were being wiped. At 11pm, you get the distint feeling, that they wanted everyone out - so we give up - and left, me leaving 1/2 a glass of wine - NOOOO!

Not like any normal friday, I was in bed, by 11:45 semi sober ready for sleep - getting text's from my ex - wondering why I look scary in the Leamington Courier's FA Cup Special section.

Played 5 mins of GTA Liberty Stories on the PSP before "trying" to get some sleep - that didnt work

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