Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Brakes :: Cup Final

The morning of the big day ... It wasnt down to not being able to sleep through tenstion, mainly because of some high powered industrial lights outside my hotel window. I woke up around 7am to someone sweeping the streets, and somehow - strangely enough, couldnt get back to sleep. I managed to get down to breakfast for around 8am, had more GTA 4 PSP fun - then I was joined by John, then 2 mins later by Debbie. We had our Full English Breakfast* chatted, discussed plans for the day, and headed to get checked out - well, in between watching Dic and Dom in Da Bungalow. First time I've watched this, and it was a complete scream - and I think it might change my view on missing Saturday mornings by default.

We had a wander into town, look around shops and see where we are compared to the ground, it was a little scary running up to the game, as everyone I spoke too, they've been to Colchester and this is my first attempt - even my mum who apparently got lost - somehow. We managed to find a nice looking coffee house, when Gav (a friend who used to live in leam - went to africa, build stuff, then moved back home to essex after giving his job up) called to arrange to meet us to get to the ground.

Strangely enough, this all went to plan, we got to the ground, inbetween getting abusive text messages from students calling me a "gaylord" for being in the Leamington Courier.

I bumped into and said hello to more people at the ground, than I would have in Leam - it was a good laugh - Leam were very vocal from the off - and you reckon, if the sun is in the right direction, the light is looking at the cat correctly, someone bought a box of tic tacs with 2 more tacs than it should and colchester had a bad day - we could get something out of it. We certainly started slowly - and by half time - we were 2-0 down. Leam Fans were still vocal - and way out singing the Colchester fans, regardless of taunts. The Manager, "Caddsy" even waved during his tactic rant when Leam fans were singing, 'Caddsy Caddsy give us a wave' - which in a way - shows that even tho everyone assumed a thumping, its still a family club, and at the end of the day, everyone was expecting a football lesson.

Everytime Colchester scored - Leam Fans came back with the "we're gonna win X - X+1" even wnen it eventually did get to 9-1. We even discussed on the way back that Leam didnt deserve to get beatend 9-1 - I reckon, in my opinion 4-1 would have been a better score line - but listening to 5live - we came to the conclusion if we lost 2-1 - it would have been lost under the media limelight.

Anyhoo - chats of the day

"are you pleased we filled your ground"

"Caddsy Caddsy give us a wave"

"we're all going to Wembley" (after 9-1 and 2 mins of injury time)

"theres only one Bill Bailey" - to the steward who looked a bad version of Bill Bailey

"we're gonna win 10-9"

FA Cup Dream is over ... for this season.!

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