Friday, November 18, 2005

Preplanned Happy Friday

Friday returns to us, almost as quickly as I got over last weeks hangover - however this week, we've made a few suggestions of what we'd like to do tonight. I'm meeting Debbie in the gym after work - with a view to at least getting a little bit healthy and balancing the scales of getting ratarsed tonight and trying to get up at a decent time tomorrow.
We're hoping to meet in Lounge for Happy Friday cocktails - all Spiced Rum based of course - then head towards the Leam Bar & Grill - if we dont need a booking.
Then probably head towards The Well or Jug and Jester for a bottle of wine .. mmm!
Luckily John and Debbie are driving to the football tomorrow - so means I can get a little drunk and chill and relax. Hope there is a foxy single lass out there tonight - could do with a lil bit of romance in my life right now.


John Hartnup said...

Cheers for the heads-up.

There must be a more private way to organise our nights out. Now anyone with a Web browser will be able to stalk me. I have many deranged fans you know.

As soon as I think of a way, I'll let you know.

Steve Wharton said...

Well if you attended the Jacuzzi Room on tuesday lunch times - you would be privvi to the information.

I'd like a stalker - not a massive one - not size - i mean - nor a crazy - just someone who's interested and likes to know what i'm up too. Wait, damn it, thats a girlfriend - crap!