Saturday, November 26, 2005

Do you know the way to the New Windmill Ground ?

We had to look it up on a map - because it really is that long since we've been to a football match - the FA Vase game has been called off twice in a week, but the brakes returned in the Polymac Cup - playing Rocester.

Its been gradually getting colder over the last couple of weeks, so, being a hardened geordie, I've purchased a big coat, thermal leggings, thermal long sleaved top and a hat - which I have to admit, is very toasty when combined.

Once we got there, we enquired about Brakes Fluid - the beer brewed for the club, of which you can purchase a crate of 12 for 24 quid. I wasnt really sure - but at the end of the day, its alcohol, and its for the good of the club - so who am I to be force fed local beverages. The guy give us a nod and a wink and told us to come see him after the game and he would sort us out.

It was indeed a little nippy, however, to cheer me up a little, there was a nice female referee's assistant, who looked a little chilly. Of course, when there are two bloke lino's you dont think much about them, only to abuse them when the decisions are in/correct - but all of a sudden, was flooded with new questions such as;

Do they have special FA underwear they have to wear - or just a bulk standard thong type device?
Do clubs have to offer two changing rooms - just on the off chance that they have a female assistant ?
What her mobile phone number was ...

I personally thought she had a very good game, and not at all biased ... but at least she wasnt cockey like some of the ref's & lino's that I've seen this season. Sadly - didnt find out any of the three questions in my mind - damn it.

The game finished 4-1 in the end, with the Brakes going into the next round of the cup. Once again, I won the "guess the attendance" game - missing out on the total by 9 - which is pretty good going.

Brakes Fluid - Rocket fuel more like!

We picked up our Brakes Fluid after the game, John picked up his DVD of the Colchester game (I'm hoping he's gonna make me a copy) and headed home to warmth. Note to self - purchase some new gloves.

Meanwhile, else where in the Midland Alliance, Boldmere done us a fav by beating Stratford Town (2 points ahead of us in the league) 3-2

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