Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Josh Blake saved my life!

As Soul to Soul sing ... Back to Life, Back to Reality - and in what better way to return to reality - than high levels of wind, and it raining - quite litterally - cats and dogs. However, thankfully, it didnt "shit it down" as John put it earlier. Yes, for once, The Brakes returned to the Windmill Game, for the first time in - well I cant even remember - and played Solihul in the 3rd Round of the Birmingham Senior Cup. We were all hoping that the heavy defeat against Colchester (9-1) didnt bring the team down.

It was going to be interesting to see how many of the 1200 travelling Leam fans would turn up - even on a cold wet dank November night - and indeed, we guessed, with John picking 250, and I picking 314 - I was 4 out again - yay - and indeed like Rainman.

Anyhooo, by halftime, I was completely drenched through, feeling the jeans sticking to the back of my legs, so by half time and 1-1, we got a hot drink and stood under the roof for the 2nd half. Debbie turned up just after half time and wondered why we were stood there. By that time, my legs had failed to work and I thought I was going to die. Full time was 1-1, so extra time was being called - I was close to loosing the feeling in my eyes and mouth when we were reaching full time of extra time - thankfully Josh Blake (Joshy's Giants) put on in the back of the net, making it 3-2 to the Brakes. Any form of penalties would have taken me towards flatlining - so indeed, the Brakes saved my life and the ability to do my job (DAMN IT!)

I got home, had the hottest shower in the world (Temperature, not due to a woman - because I dont have a girlfriend!!) and switched the heating on - continued Civilization 4 with Rich while supping a hot cup of tea.

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