Friday, December 31, 2004

Christ on a bike (part 2)

Remember this and that

Things are about to get even more creepier - believe me - and its all down to John

Anyhoo, to make some sense of this entry .. I was having a retro 2 hours - going thru some of my old CDs - one of which collapsed lung - I have this fantastic tshirt which I bought at a CL gig in leeds many many years ago, and its now towards the end of time. So dug around on T'Internet for places selling T-Shirts with the infamous C**LER blue and white tshirt. Sadly couldnt find anything, then decided to switch my search tactics to the newly formed band. I knew ant way back when life was simple and there was a thing called student grants, so decided to check out his name. Came across a hotmail/msn address - so decided to add it on the off chance - sure enough - up pops MSN.
We get chatting, have a laugh - talk about past, present and future - I let slip where I live, what I'm doing. Turns out Ant (my teenage hero) knows someone from the same area, working at the same place via his gaming channels - turns out to be no other than Gary Barker.

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