Friday, October 08, 2004

Christ on a Bike

What happened lastnight is now taking confusion to new levels. Went out for a quiet beverage with John, Debbie, Gav and Mike (couple of other people turned up too) around town. Ended up in Satchwell's having a couple of Cost Saving Iniative beers when someone's phone recieved a text message saying "Where are you, please say you arnt in Satchwells or Jug and Jester" - so half jokingly suggested, "Put Rose and Crown, Winlaton down" (Winlaton being my home town, and Rose and Crown being a public house I used to frequent). Mike, who before tonight I've only known to say Hi too, turns around and scratches his eyes - asking what I said and why. So I repeated, Rose and Crown and Winlaton. Turns out, not only does know what pub I'm on about, but also that Mike went to the same Primary School, his folks live down the road from my family. After a good old natter, I've invited Mike to play 5aside on Wednesdays so he can show off his silky skills and embarress me like buggery.

As the night moved on, more and more CSI beverages were taken aboard the good ship Wharton, to where we arrived at the Well. Also bumped into the lass with the nicest smile and personality in the world ... she was working in M&S before summer, then disappeared - now appears that she's seeing a gonk - perfick

After this, myself, Debbie and Gav managed to talk ourselves into going to Mirage for boogie & more beverage. Noticed a nice looking lass that I saw a couple of weeks, typical thing - I bottled talking to her - fantastic.

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