Tuesday, October 17, 2006

World of Warburton

Well, what has happened since the last time I blogged. Saturday marked John's magical mystical birthday beer related all day session - this year around the town of Warwick. Due to a home game on, and it being top of the table clashing, I decided to take in the game, and meet up with the rest of them later on. One of the lads from footie gave me a lift over to Warwick after the final whistle and found John, SuperGary, Jim and Debbie a little on the merry side, well Debbie was drinking halves of course. We moved from the Simple Simon (my first time in there) to the Greyhound (again, first time in there) and had a couple of games of pool - of which I was paired with Super Gary, and John paired with Jim. We took the compo to 1-1, before we decided to move on up to the Star and Garter.

We met MC and Laura up at the pub and we finished the pool compo - with myself and Gary winning - go us! Yay! We had loads of Speckled Hen, which I like LOADS, and we rolled back home, only for Super Gary to be recognised by the people who work in the BigCup - much to his delight.

Today, I managed to get a release date for my new job. IBM being IBM, if you transfer internally, your manager has to give you a set about of time to hand your work over to someone else. I had been offered the job, the day before I flew out to Bali, but because of vacation, other gumph and huge work loads, its only been decided today. 6th December, I'll be joining my new team. Part of me is excited, part of me is nervous as funk - after all, this is my first new job for over 8 years and yes, probably stuck in a rutt. Just in time for Christmas - of which, we had invites to the work xmas party for this year - with 70s/80s theme - we're unsure at the moment if its fancy dress - but hey, should be a larf

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