Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Kooks

Lastnight was the long awaited Kooks gig up at the Carling Academy in Brum. Myself and Captain Rich were shamming around on ebay, as this was a complete sell out, and we managed to get tickets at an inflated price. Meanwhile, Rich then cross referenced the gig date, with a trip in Germany - Doing well. I try doing at least one big gig every year, and last year was Duran Duran at the NEC when we went with Nomes, Andy P, Rich and Shamster thats Bellis - this was big gig #1 of the year (Magic Numbers end of next month)

Naive - no!

I'd originally invited Geordie Mike in Rich's place, however, due to having to work late, Gigantor Pete was invited along and kindly drove up, as it was, quite litterally, raining cats and dogs. We grabbed Maccy D's just across the corner from the venue, and bumped into one of the lads from the Football, then made our way in the venue, with touts offering massive prices. Speaking of massive prices, £3.10 a pint of carling - but it was soo soo lovely. The place was covered with attractive women, mostly with chav boyfriends, and after our beer related purchases made ourway to the "dance floor" and heard the support acts which were pretty good too.

The Kooks came on and done the bulk of their album, and some "old B side" material, along with some new tracks they must be close to releasing. A good mixture of sing-a-long tracks and rock tracks made the line up as the temperature started to rise - and wearing two tshirts was probably not a wise act.

With Pete driving, we managed to get back onto the Motorway and back into Leam for around 11:30 ish, so ended up having a quick swifty in The Well, and god knows what state I looked like with two soaking wet tshirts on and hair all over the place. Anyhooo, a fantastic night out, just nice to get out of the goldfish bowl that is Leamington Spa and do something different.

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