Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Return of the Mac

With the kids swapping training sessions to Friday nights, I decided to return to my 6 til 7 slot for 5aside football. Yes, I've played football since my ankle broke way back when, however I think it was more of a mental thing to return to the same place, same time, same people and continue as life goes on. Yes, my chest was still sore from being elbowed in the ribs, and I think deep down, I shouldnt have really played, but just wanted to get out there. I decided, it would probably be wise just picking my fav position - ie, up front, and without the ability to track back - stay up front.

It did feel good, people were asking if I was ok, and to be honest, my leg was holding out pretty well, even when someone decided to hack my leg to shit to get the ball, I even had a couple of snap shots on goal, and touch wood, meaning my leg is back to full fitness. The chest really impacted my game, and I dont like to be known as the "one who goal hangs" and like to feel I put my effort in within midfield - today just didnt happen. I managed to set up 3 people with a goal and should have scored about 3 within 20 minutes myself - but its one of them days.

I managed to get in on goal and slot the ball between the keepers legs, just as I felt something twang in my muscle. I did warm up properly, but it happens, it was a very cold and damp day and it can happen.

Oh, how I missed the banter, how I missed the laughing. I was talking to my mum and she reckons since I turned 31, I've become a rebel, having never broken anything and in the space of 6 months doing my ankle in and potentially cracking a rib too. Its good to be back.

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