Thursday, November 22, 2007

Baby and the Dark side

Whoops! With being busy with one thing and another, I've not really had the chance to blog like I used too. Guess its a sign of getting old, or perhaps, just work getting in the way, who cares, as long as I'm back.

First things first, 31st October, my sister had her first baby. Her name is Niamh (pronounced Neve) and she's nice and healthy. I've just returned from Newcastle for a bit of a break, mainly because I didnt want to miss out on the cute thing growing too quickly. Puts a few things into perspective, but it was great to see the family and the new addition. I spent the full day Tuesday with my sister, and probably the most we've spent together since we were with kids (with her getting married and me moving away) and I think she appreciated the company during the day.

I was torn between getting a PS3 (mainly because I have a PS2 and a PSP) and an xbox 360. I've never really been convinced about the xbox (xbox 360) - mainly because it stands for everything I hate - well Microsoft in gaming. But after some discussions with John, the nice bloke at Game and a few other people, I decided to go with it. I'd traded in all my old games, those games that I bought years ago, played a couple of times and thats it, and managed to get £120 in gaming vouchers. I came back home, plugged it altogether, managed to cable it up to my router and play a couple of games. I was a bit disappointed at buying the xbox 360 elite, to find out it didnt come with a wireless adapter. Extra cash that you don't really think you're folking out for.

I did have a 28" CRT wide screen TV and after a bit of humm'ing and harr'ing, I decided to search the T'interweb for HDTVs. Managed to pick up a nice 32" HDTV made by Sony for just over 600 quid, and that turned up 3 days later. Plugged everything in, and was gobsmacked at the difference.

Football wise, the kids have actually won a game this season, against a team who you can tell are half decent, but are struggling like we did last season. Leamington FC are doing well in the Trophy, thanks to a Tuesday night trip down to Margate for a replay. Around 50 Leam fans travelled, and I was lucky enough to get 1/2 day off to go too. We sang for 90 minutes solid, and completely put their home fans to shame. This weekend, a nice trip to London village in the next round, having to play a team 2 divisions higher than what we are. You could say, this will probably be our cup final.

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John said...

She'll always be N-eye-am to me. Keep freak Irish spelling out of Great Britain, that's what I say.