Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yes yes yes, its been a while since I've blogged, but not really had the need to blog for some reason. Life, has improved, in a number of different areas, and this blog was written to get things off my chest - which is nice, you'll have to agree.

Around about 6 years ago, I decided to start playing football, 6aside, nothing fancy dan, just knock around, bit of banter. I admit I was overweight and it was a good way to get a little healthier, but one thing that stood out, was that I was always the slowest person on the pitch and I hated that. I sent myself a goal to get fitter, get faster - and I'd like to think that I've done that. I never confessed to be the best player in the world - and I'd also like to think that I'm also not the worst either - giving the addional "power" of speed gives you additional chances on the pitch too.

Anyhoo, from the 6aside football, came football management, and football coaching. I admit that I went into it a little blinkered, and not knowing one thing about coaching the sport. The club that I'm involved in, enrolled me on the FA Level 1 - and that was er "good". They teach you nice things like, "don't swear at kids", "don't allow kids to eat glass" etc etc. Yeah, they give you some basic drills (of which, you have to demonstrate one - and as long as you don't feed glass to kids, you're more or less passed).

I like improving myself, and I love the challenge of learning more, and bettering myself - so asked the club if they'd put me on the Level 2 course. This is a 6 month course, you spend a week doing the theory and demonstrations, then you're expected to go away and document 12 sessions, come back and demonstrate a final topic, of which you're assessed. I done the first week in feb, and luckily we had decent weather - but it is physically draining - we're talking about losing around about a stone in a week here.

Anyhoo, Saturday was assessment day - it was hot, VERY hot! Luckily, the nice chap from the FA passed me, saying if I wanted to do my Level 3 - I should wait around 12 months before giving it ago. This is fair enough really, I'm heading into my 3rd year of management, and jumped from a Level 0 coach to a Level 2 - taking to Level 3 is a massive gap anyhow.

I've enjoyed it, its been alot of hard work, and the people who've supported me over the 6 months, you know you can trust them.

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