Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cradley v Leamington

What a brilliant day - the sun was out, it was warm, people were smiling, people were drunk, people travelled from afar and most importantly, Cardboard Dog. Met Vince and Pete in TJs at 10:20 this morning, slowly followed by heabutt pete, ordering his first guiness for the day. Walked the short distance to the train station to meet 3-1lee, JJ, Simesy and Sarah, hoped on the train, to meet the tallest man in the world, Martin. Beers were cracked open, gentle banter and sing song up to brum, a quick train swap and over to Cradley.

We found a lovely welcoming pub, had a bit of a laugh, John and the lovely Faith turned up, more banter, more piss take and watching Chelsea score against the Ham of Spurs (Headbutt Pete still drinking fast and strong).We got a nice taxi to the ground, had a laugh, watched HB Pete fall asleep in the sun, fall over, and drop all the chips that were bought for him, he then swore at alot of people.

Funniest moment of the day, was Jimmy Husband whipping a cross from our wing, missing the goal and keeper, hitting HB Pete on the forehead, and him not even flinching. Lots of songs, lots of positive chanting, lots of getting behind the team. We obviously won 4-0 with lots of random singing and again positive vibes when we heard the Roms score come thru (both HT and FT)
After the game, we had a beer, the nice taxi man turned up, give us a nudge, we all piled in to tunes of "do we have everyone" and everyone saying "yes", 2 minutes later, Simesy shouting "Sh!t, We've forgot Sarah". So we go back -- idiot.

We get to the train station, only for village professors, JJ and Simesy, deciding at this point they've forgot the rucksack with 2x flags in. Luckily John had the car, so went back to fetch them - cheers chap.

Train drive was a little strange, between JJ and Simesy moaning, cursing and swearing at one another, Sarah getting the huff, then a "fellow" geordie singing songs to JJ, kissing him and being loud. Popped into town with Tall Swedish Chap, Vince and Pete (and Headbutt, we think) for a couple of beers - come home, watched Dr Who.

Video credit : Vince Taylor.

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